My Hubble Contacts Review After A Week in My Eyes

I have worn contacts since I was a freshman in high school. I have always hated glasses and still do. The feeling of having something on my face annoys the heck out of me. I also hated running with eyes and that was a problem because obviously, the glasses would have improved my times. I refused then that year I went to my annual eye doctor appointment and brought up contacts.The eye doctor was a little hesitant about giving a teenager contacts. When I told her I run on my school’s track team, she decided contacts would be a good idea. She did my exam then give me a pair to put in. I had trouble at first because let’s are really the way the eye doctor tells you to put contacts in is really annoying and awkward. Well, at least I think it is. I actually ended up figuring out the way that works better for me. Once I learned how to put them in, I fell in love with seeing and not having something annoying me on my face.

With that being said, I wore contacts on and off for 15 years now. I have used Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue 2 , and Air Optix Aqua Night & Day. My favorite brand was Air Optix Aqua Night & Day. I wore them forever, but the problem I would push the limit usages. My eyes would burn then I would take them out. Then when I had my daughter 3 years ago, I stopped using contacts altogether because putting contacts in and out didn’t work for me. I was either up too late with her and way too tired to change the pairs or even put them in. Then when my daughter grew up, I was frightened she would get into the solution.

Back in November my glasses I had for about 3 years broke, I researched all types of contacts. As you can tell I have pretty much tried every type, but daily contacts. I remember getting so stressed out about how expensive daily contacts were on 1-800-Contact. I have ALWAYS brought my contacts in the past online for them because it’s just more convenient for me. Heck, I’m getting anxiety just remember the price for daily contacts.

I took a break from the stressful contact shopping and went on Facebook. That’s when I saw the Hubble contacts ad popped up on my newsfeed. I have seen the ad before on my newsfeed but never clicked up it. I then did a google search of the contacts and came across an article about how the contacts are the cheapest. I, unfortunately, didn’t find much, so I wanted to an eye doctor appointment and asked more about daily contacts. She told me that daily contacts are actually better for your eyes because they’re not sitting in solutions all night and collecting bacteria. You don’t have to but solution or even contact cases anymore. I love the idea of this because I’m a mother.

The eye doctor I want to didn’t carry Hubble, but we talked about how I wanted to try daily contacts. She recommended I try out Sofmed contacts from her office for 3 months to see if I actually liked daily contacts. I listened and fell in love with putting the contacts in then taking them out. When my boxes from my eye doctor got to the end, I ordered Hubble Contacts.

***Warning: just like everything else Hubble Contacts is starting to get more and more reviews. Some are very negative as well as negative. My advice to you tries them out for yourself and if you don’t like them, then move on. Obviously, not everyone is going to agree.***

With that being said, I highly recommend Hubble Contacts. They’re only $30 a month, which is affordable. If you have two prescriptions like I do, $30 month is the best thing ever. The company also lets you sign up for a free trial for only a $3 shipping fee. You get 15 lenses for a trail then 30 afterward if you don’t cancel. The lenses are mailed to you, so no worries about driving to your eye doctor for new lenses. Hubble Contacts are super comfortable and feel like you’re not even wearing lenses.

I’m in love with the way Hubble feels in my eyes. I noticed the lenses are also moist and go easily in my eyes. Sofmed typically annoyed me when I put them in the morning. The lenses just didn’t attach to my eye right away. Hubble has no problem. My 3 year old even noticed Mom doesn’t take too long to “put her eyes in” anymore. As a mom, this is a huge plus because you’re always on the go or worried about what your kid(s) are up too. I will recommend these to other moms and other as well.

Sign up for your free trial today —-> Hubble Contacts free box sign up.

If you do order your box, let me know what you think. I’m curious to see what others think about Hubble as well.

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