23 Things You May Find In A Mom’s Purse

Have you ever noticed a mom pulling something strange out of her purse? You don’t even know now the half of it, unless you’re a mom yourself. She can pull out an elephant out of her purse. You never really know what’s inside until you take a closer look.

  1. A wallet is one of the few normal things in her purse; where her money, coins (if she’s lucky), cards, and possibly a checkbook are stored.
  2. Keys can be her car keys, house key, mail key, etc. You know anything useful to her every day life.
  3. Makeup to keep herself from looking like she didn’t sleep last night because a cute little monster or monsters kept her up all night.
  4. Hairbrush for either herself or her child(ren) to look groomed and put together at any moment.
  5. Hair ties are for throwing her or her child(ren)back when she wanted needed.
  6. Phone for having somewhat of a social life and in case anything happens or keep in contact with a caretaker.
  7. Receipts, because you have tons and tons of Target, Walmart, food stores, coffee shops, and fast food receipts are either thrown in or neatly (let’s be real it’s probably not) in her purse.
  8. Bills, bills, and more bills because you know everyone has to pay them to survive in this cruel world.
  9. Medicine can be either for her or the little rugrat(s) clinging to her side; you know because she could get a headache, stomach pains, or someone could be sick.
  10. Coupons for saving money because have you looked at the prices of diapers/pull ups, wipes, and baby food lately. A mom needs to save as much as she can.
  11. First-Aid kits, just to be prepared for every kind of cuts, burns, bruise, or any injury playing outside or being outside can bring.
  12. Diapers/Pull ups/undies are obvious mom items, but are they clean or dirty? That’s the risk you have to take.
  13. Wipes for cleaning up butts, genitalia areas, faces, hands, messes or anything dirty related. Are these clean? Yeah, if they’re in a wipe holder or package.
  14. Hand sanitizer because germs are evil little creature that love little kids to creep on.
  15. Extra pairs of clothes because she never know when she’ll need to change the little munchkin(s) or even herself.
  16. Snacks/Food to keep away the monsters child(ren) from being release. Oh and, you know, to keep her sanity intact.
  17. Crumbs from the snacks because messes are always possible with little ones.
  18. Bottles are feedings and to keep baby happy.
  19. Sippy cups filled with water or juices for also keeping the monsters away, while out and about.
  20. Toys are either added in by the mom or children for entertainment or just because. Let’s be real, children most likely put toys in there because why not.
  21. Crayons/markers/pens for more entertainment during the day’s adventure, so no one goes crazy and probably to write things down (yeah, okay.)
  22. Paper/notebook are a must, so crayons, markers, and pens don’t end up on things they shouldn’t or write things done down (probably not).
  23. Tablet/iPad for waiting at the doctors, car shop, food to come out, or just so sit still without releasing the crazy running around terror.

The truth is you really never know what a mom’s purse will hold. This list is only things you may find. Anyways before you go in, always be cautious and try not to touch ANYTHING.

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