Take The Time To Get to Know The Strength of a Girl With Anxiety

A girl who suffers from anxiety is misunderstood by others. The people around her don’t understand what her everyday life contains from the time she gets up to the time she goes to bed.

She may seem fine on the outside. But she’s really just struggling to get through the day. Her anxiety eats her alive 24/7. She can’t contract when it raises too high or even disappears for a little bit. She pushes through the pain and suffering of her anxiety every day without showing signs or complaining.

Yes, she may break down to someone she finds trustworthy when things go from “normal” to hell. Other than that, you may never notice her anxiety because she’s hiding it from the world. Don’t you dare this any of this makes her weak. Because she’s far from being weak.

She’s a strong woman who can overcome anything life throws out at her. No matter how hard or how much pain it causes her because nothing can compare to the pain her anxiety makes her feel every day. She has at least one visible panic attack every day along with a few small ones she doesn’t show others.

Why, because she knows how to conquer her anxiety when it’s at the low minimum. You may learn over time that she really is the strongest person you will ever meet. She’s winning the battle of anxiety every day and somehow still standing here today.

She’s the strongest person you will ever meet and you will never forget her.

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