20 Anxious Thoughts That Try To Drag Us Down

Anxiety twists all of the thoughts inside of your mind. Anxiety whispers lies into your ears all day long. You can’t help, but listen to every word without second guessing yourself.

You wake up every morning wondering what it’s going to tell you today. You stay up late soaking in a bath of negativity; you’re wondering when you’re going to fall asleep.

1) You’re not good enough.

2) You’ll never be able to find a guy who puts up with you.

3) Your needs don’t matter, you’re selfish for wanting anything.

4) Something is very wrong and no matter what it is, it’s your fault.

5) You’re never going to fit in.

6) Your boss is just waiting for the right time to fire you.

7) You’re bringing everyone you care about down.

8) Don’t bother getting attached, they’ll leave soon enough.

9) They’re not really your friends.

10) People just feel obligated to be nice to you because you’re so pathetic.

11) Stop being so clingy, it’s a turnoff.

12) You’ll never be successful.

13) Everything is on the verge of falling apart.

14) Nobody will ever love you back.

15) Your loved ones are much better off without you.

16) You’re not worthy.

17) Your unhappiness is pushing everyone away.

18) Anything bad in your life is purely your own fault

19) The only thing you’re good at is causing problems.

20) You’ll never do anything right.

Whatever your anxiety beats you down and tells you one of the following things above. Just remember, you can beat it and get through all the negative comments.

Yes, I know it’s difficult with all of these lies swimming thought your head. But you’re winning by just waking up every day and living life.

Anxiety doesn’t want you to see the light. Stand up and take control. You got this.

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