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To The Girl Who Watched Her Mom/Dad Fight Cancer For Years

No one understands the pain you suffered for years. They will never understand what it’s like to watch a parent suffer right in front of his or her eyes. They aren’t the ones who spend most of his or her childhood worrying about what you had to deal with over and over again.

You never knew when cancer would come back. You hoped this part of your life was just a nightmare. But the truth is the nightmare is real, you can’t escape the memories of pain it has caused or the fact that you had to grow up faster than your age. Either because you had siblings to take of or felt old then your age. No matter what; it scarred you.

Unfortunately, the fact that you had to grow up sooner than others isn’t what haunts you. The worst is you never knew what kind of person your parent may change into after treatment.

Cancer can either make someone appreciate life and everyone in it or someone who hates life and brings love ones down.

Hopefully, you didn’t have to go through hell. But if you did, blame cancer instead of your parent because like I said that’s what changed your mom or dad. Cancer is funny like that.

Chemotherapeutic and Radiation definitely has a huge factor in the mindset changing because of what it does to your body during progress. You already know this, since you watched your Mom or Dad go through it.

You survived the tournament and bad memories of cancer creeping in your life. You’re stronger than you let yourself know. You may have the haunting thoughts for time to time, but you’re still here and made it through.

You’re a survivor!

You can get through anything. If you doubt yourself, take the time to remember your past and reflect on it. Because you can’t and will get through anything life throws at you! Never forget that!

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