What Goes Through a Mom’s Head At The Playground

The playground is the worst and best place when you have kids. It’s a fantastic place for kids to run off the energy they suck out of us. On the other hand, the playground can give a mom mini anxiety attacks because of how one day their kids are scary of EVERYTHING then bam out of no where they become fearless, little ninjas.

You wonder, when did this happen?

OVERNIGHT, that’s what it feels like at least. One moment, then need us for everything at the playground then the next they’re climbing and overcoming every challenge.

Here’s what goes through every mom’s head at the playground:

1) OMG, she’s going to fall!

2) Ugh, why are there so many big kids here?

3) Why aren’t parents watching their kids?

4) Where are they’re parents?

5) Did they just see their kid push mine?

6) Should I say something?

7) How in the world did she get up there?

8) Oh my, she’s climbing down!

9) Why is she climbing up the slide?

10) How did he or she learns all of this?

11) Where did she or he learns this?

12) Oh my, why is she or he copying the other kids?

13) Oh no, my kid fell. Is she or he cry? Ok no, good.

14) Oh dear god, he or she is crying? I should see how bad it is.

15) Does this mean we can go now? Nope, back to playing.

16) How much longer do we have to be here?

17) Maybe, I’ll go on a swing for a little.

18) Ok, I can still see my kid(s).

19) Maybe, I should move closer again.

20) How can I convince my kid(s) to leave?

As the kids run around the park, the moms’ mind runs in circle as well because kids are fearless, little ninjas. We have to still watch them though, since the playground is a dangerous, fun place.

We just have to remember to watch our kids and make sure they’re safe because you never know what could happen to our little ninjas in the land of terrifying equipment.

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