27 Thoughts A Mom Has During Grocery Shopping

Food Shopping is something that needs to be done. Without children, it can be relaxing and exciting because you came across a Pinterest recipe you want to make, and you can take as long as you want. With children, it’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT ballpark.

Grocery shopping will NEVER be the same nor will it be boring.

Let me sum up what a mom is thinking during a food shopping trip.

1)    What are the safe foods?

2)    Why is/are my child(ren) so picky?

3)    How much longer do I have before the tantrum bomb goes off?

4)    Let me get through this trip without a tantrum, PLEASE.

5)    Help me make it through this tantrum.

6)    Stop putting food in the cart.

7)    Kill me, is this trip over yet?

8)    I must finish before the snack runs out.

9)    Try to get a variety of foods to encourage choices.

10)     Can I microwave this?

11)     Why is there a toy selection in a grocery store?

12)    Dear God, why are there more toys by check out?

13)     Why didn’t you just stay with your father?

14)     They should close off the toy and junk food aisles with a password

15)     Do I really need junk food?

16)    No, stop that.

17)    I don’t need cookies.

18)    Why are all of these random people need to tell me my child (children) is/are cute?

19)     Stop talking to strangers, kid(s).

20)    Stop looking at strangers, kid(s).

21)     Can my child(ren) live on Lunchables and Poptarts?

22)    Why don’t they have childcare anymore?

23)    Can the cashier go faster?

24)    No, we don’t need more stickers.

25)    Yes, I can finally leave.

26)    How fast can I put the food in my car?

27)    You know I used to love food shopping.

Next time, you see a mom in the grocery store, just move out of her way because all of these and so much is going through her mind.

The bottom line is she has a quota to make called naptime or bedtime, so ignore her and do your shopping.

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