To The Mom Who Lost Track Of Her Child’s Favorite Stuffed Animal

Your child(ren) have tons of toys, books, and stuffed animals. Some are favorites, while others are just there.

What happens if you lost, the one stuffed animal or toy, they bring EVERYWHERE?


And these things go through your head as you’re thinking, “Where, Oh where, could (insert stuffed animal/toy) be?”

Backtrack to the last place you remember having it.

Think about where you went today with the favorite stuffed animal/toy. LOOK EVERYWHERE, even if you have to go to a store, etc. It’s important to make sure you go back and look. Who knows it may be in the car or laying in the same spot your child left their stuffed animal/toy.

 Once you’re pretty sure you looked EVERYWHERE before buying another.

Ask yourself where you got the stuffed animal/toy. If someone gives it to you as a gift, ask him or her where got it. Go to the store. Look around and ask for help. The stuff animal/toy may be somewhere you didn’t notice, such as clearance or behind another product.

If you find the stuffed animal/toy, grab it.

Hurray, you found a replacement. You can now go home and have a happy child again. Good work!

If you don’t find stuffed animal/toy at the first store, don’t panic (yet).

It’s ok you didn’t find it at the first store; maybe this one is just sold out. Take a breath; you can keep it together you can find a replacement. Get there and before looking ask a sales associate because you’re on a mission. You need to find this.

Worse case scenario, you have to go to ANOTHER store.

The third time is a charm, right? Let’s hope. This time when you go to the store, look around to see if you find a sales associate and have him or her help you find the stuff animal/toy. If they can’t find what you’re looking for, ask to call another store or look online for you. When and if they call another store, ask them to put the stuffed animal/toy on hold for you.

PANIC MODE, no one has the stuffed animal/toy in stock.

Go home and look online. You should be able to find a similar product on Amazon, Ebay, or in Google search at a different store. YOU SHALL FIND A REPLACEMENT!

Before you order anything, take one more look around your place.

You never know the stuffed animal/toy may show up in the most random place, like on your child’s potty or under the bed. Seriously, it could be anywhere or just pop up out of nowhere. You never know.

As a mom, we just want our child (children) happy at all times. If they’re happy, Mom is happy. If Mom is happy, EVERYONE is happy.

Oh and stock up on backups after a scenario like this. You need to be prepared for a real loss or stop the tears with a similar stuffed animal/toy.




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