The Eagles Finally Won a SuperBowl

The Super Bowl on last Sunday was such an amazing game to watch. It definitely kept me on my toes . I loved cheering for the Eagles incredible plays. My favorite play of the game had to be when Nick Foles made a touchdown. Right there shows what an amazing quarterback he really is because he worked with his team to win the game instead of let them do all the work. I still can’t believe the Patriots didn’t caught on to what he was doing. Seriously, the best play ever!

I’m still speechless after a week later! I can’t believe the Eagles won after 53 years of no Super Bowls wins. That’s a lot of years of failure. But Super Bowl LII changes everything because all the haters can stop calling them the ringless Eagles anymore. They have a victory, so all the haters can shut it.

Don’t you even say I’m getting ahead of myself because it’s one ring. Look I understand, but the Eagles put up one hell of a fight and never give up. They kept pushing and pushing throughout the game tonight. You can’t even say they didn’t because if you did that would a lie.

You know for a fact I’m right. The Eagles worked hard to get to the Super Bowl because they finally worked as a team. Each and every one of the players worked together and made some unbelievable plays tonight. It may have taken them longer than others to get a Super Bowl after 13 years, but the Eagles did it and won tonight!

The team shows how important it is not to give up on your dreams. If you keep pushing and practicing, you can achieve anything. All you have to do is push through the bad and your time will come. The bad really does bring the good if you work hard enough.

The teams prove if you never give up, you can make your dreams come true. It’s not about how many losses or failures you have under your sleeves. It’s about fight and fighting until life finally gives you break.

Super Bowl LII is the Eagles break after 13 years of not even being in the Super Bowl and losing on the top of that. Then adding a cherry on top by having the chase to have a rematch with the same time you played 13 years ago is truly amazing. Not only did the Eagles have a rematch but they also stomped on the Patriots and made sure the score was up.

The Eagles have come along way in the last 13 years of losses. But it’s about damn time they’re under the spotlight. Because let’s be real, the Patriots don’t need another ring. They have enough and it’s about damn time the Eagles shined. It’s about damn time the Eagles got a ring. They deserve a moment of glory and winning.

Stop right there, hater. You know I’m telling the truth. You know for a fact that Nick Foles’ touchdown play was out of this world. And you have to agree with me on how well Foles played. He was obviously communicating with his teammates and helped them to victory.

Let’s me real the best part of the game was when Tom Brady knew her messed up and just sat on the ground surrounded by his misery. Right there, Brady knew the game was over and he lost the Super Bowl. I laughed and cried because of how happy I was to see him on the field obviously realizing he just cost his team a win.

Overall, the Super Bowl definitely was a fantastic game. Each team played their heart out. But let’s be real, the better new improved Eagles team won

I have for a fact my dad is still on cloud nine just like I am. My heart wish we could have watched the game together. But we definitely helped them win and crush the Patriots.

At the end of the game, I cried because I know he would have loved to experience such an incredible game with me. I cried because the Eagles finally got what they deserve and worked hard for it. I cried because having your team win a Super Bowl felt so amazing. Everything about last Sunday was so awarding!

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