Happiness Should Be Filling My Head

I connected with my inner teenager today because it’s better than crying. Tbh, today is bring back some good and bad memories. It’s a flashback to 2005 when I was 16 and ready for the Super Bowl with my parents. My dad and I in our Eagles shirts. My brother and my mom in their Patriots shirts. My hair and makeup exactly like in my feature picture.

I’m having so many emotions running through my head. I can’t even express all of them. My head feels like it’s spinning in a memory of my parents. I wish they could once again watch the Super Bowl with me. It’s not just any Super Bowl as you know from my previous eagle post and paragraph above. The game is so much more. Justin Timberlake playing in the Super Bowl tonight is emotional as well because my teenage self was jamming out to him on 94.5 PST.

I know I’m happy the Eagles are playing today because for once I care about the team playing. I honestly just wish the Patriots didn’t win the playoffs game against the Jaguars, so I wouldn’t be in the mood today. My emotions would be in one place and could enjoy today.

But of course, life is never easy. Life always loves to drop bombs to make things more interesting and emotional. I swear it never gives me a break though because I’m always dealing with hell or crazy emotional. I wish for once life would stop messing with me. It’s getting old and annoying.

Today, I’m hoping life stops crashing down on me. I’m sure over all the bad luck and fortune. I need at least one good year, but my mind can’t take roller coasters anymore. I believe the Eagles winning would be the thing I need for a good year.

Maybe a win would give life and I hope to left the bad luck and hurtful memories of the past.

Let’s go Eagles!

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